Audi accelerates preparations for successful entry into Formula 1 and significantly expands its commitment

Led by Audi CEO Gernot Döllner, the brand with the four rings has made clear what the company is focusing on in the future with the Audi Agenda. Product and technology as well as the stronger positioning of the Audi brand on the global stage are in focus. Against this backdrop, the Members of the Supervisory Boards of AUDI AG and Volkswagen AG have now decided to strengthen the commitment to Formula 1 and accelerate the preparations for the start of the 2026 season. Audi plans to take a 100 percent stake in the Sauber Group. Oliver Hoffmann is set to be the person responsible for the Audi Formula 1 program overall as a General Representative. As CEO of the Audi F1 Team, Andreas Seidl will be responsible for the implementation of the F1 project as well as the management of the Audi F1 Team.
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