Audi is a “Prout Employer”

An open company for everybody, irrespective of their sexual orientation, gender identity or other characteristics: This is how AUDI AG defines itself, and it therefore supports the PROUT AT WORK Foundation. At the company’s head office, Stephan Meier, Head of International and Top Management Human Resources at AUDI AG, received a membership certificate from the Foundation’s Chief Executive, Albert Kehrer. “Openness, respect and trust are key aspects of our corporate culture at Audi. As a “Prout Employer,” we stand by exactly those values and intend to create even more awareness for diversity,” stated Meier. The Foundation promotes regional networking meetings, supports employees who come out at their workplace, and accompanies employers in attaining an optimal inclusive workplace. The goal of all activities is to have equal opportunities for all. “As an innovative company, we want to make it possible for our employees to develop their full potential at Audi,” continued Meier. “That includes being able to contribute at the company with one hundred percent of their personality.”