Audi quattro sets standards in the age of electric mobility

Drivers can adapt the electric quattro as desired via two controllers. The Audi drive select system, which is standard equipment for the e-tron models, offers seven profiles: comfort, auto, dynamic, efficiency, individual, allroad and offroad. Thus, among other things, the electric all-wheel drive as well as the suspension and other systems can be adapted to the road conditions and personal preferences. 

The electronic stability control (ESC) system contains four programs: Normal, Sport, Offroad and Off. In offroad conditions, it optimizes stability, traction and brake control, and activates the standard hill descent control system. In addition, drivers can select three levels of deceleration recuperation: In level 0, the car coasts, in level 1, the car slightly decelerates. In level 2, which has a deceleration range of up to 0.13 g and recuperates the largest amount of energy, drivers experience a strong one-pedal feel. In manual mode, the car retains the previously selected recuperation level.