Audi Report: annual and sustainability report now combined

For the 2020 fiscal year, AUDI AG is publishing its first combined annual and sustainability report. The company is convinced that business success is inextricably linked with assuming social and ecological responsibility. To document its performance in a transparent manner, as of this year Audi is combining its financial reporting with reporting on sustainable corporate governance in accordance with ESG (Environment, Social and Governance) criteria. In the years to come, the Audi Report will be published to coincide with the Annual Press Conference, outlining the progress AUDI AG has made in implementing its business and sustainability targets. The report uses a modern, digital format to provide information about products and technologies, environmental management and the corporate culture at Audi. The structure is based on the reporting logic of the 2019 Sustainability Report, with Audi documenting its progress in five chapters entitled “Strategy,” “Operations and Integrity,” “Products and Services,” “Value Creation and Production” and “Employees and Society.”
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