Audi RS 3 Sedan

With the most powerful five-cylinder engine in the world, groundbreaking efficiency and an even sharper look, the RS 3 Sedan is the first compact Audi Sedan to bear the RS label.

The 2.5 TFSI outputs 294 kW (400 hp) – 33 hp more than its predecessor. Its 480 Nm (354.0 lb-ft) of torque is available at engine speeds between 1,700 and 5,850 revolutions per minute for outstanding tractive power. The compact RS model sprints from 0 to 100 km/h (62.1 mph) in 4.1 seconds. It maximum speed is 250 km/h (155.3 mph), but Audi can increase this electronically limited top speed to 280 km/h (174.0 mph) upon request. The unique sound of the five-cylinder unit intensifies an already emotionally charged driving experience. Its sound comes from having the ignition alternate between directly adjacent cylinders and widely spaced ones. Using Audi drive select, the RS exhaust system’s exhaust flaps can be adjusted, which in turn modifies the system’s sound.

With its light-alloy crankcase, the five-cylinder engine is 26 kilograms (57.3 lb) lighter than its predecessor. It employs a dual injection into the intake manifold and into the combustion chambers, as well as the Audi valvelift system for variable control of the exhaust valves. The result is optimal power development at a reduced consumption level.

The top athlete of the compact segment also shows its sporty side in its looks too. The Singleframe with its three-dimensional honeycomb grill bears the quattro logo along the bottom. Compared with an A3, the front track of the RS 3 sedan is wider by 20 millimeters (0.8 in) – the front wheel arches are accordingly wider flared as well. At the rear axle, the wheels are spaced 14 millimeters (0.6 in) further apart compared with the basic model. A fixed spoiler lip on the luggage compartment lid improves the separation of air flow. A distinctive diffuser insert with vertical struts and the large oval tailpipes of the RS exhaust system terminate the rear. Audi exclusively offers the RS-specific paint colors Nardo gray and Catalunya red as options. Even the interior of the RS 3 Sedan features numerous RS emblems.

Audi RS 3 Sedan
Combined fuel consumption in l/100 km: 8.6 8.4 – 8.3 (27.4 28.0 – 28.3 US mpg)
Combined CO2 emissions in g/km: 192 191 – 188 (309.0 307.4 – 302.6 g/mi)
(Figures vary depending on engine/transmission/wheels/tires)