COE prices end higher at first round of bidding in March

SINGAPORE – Certificate of Entitlement (COE) prices ended higher for the first round of bidding in March on Wednesday (March 9).

The Land Transport Authority (LTA) said in a statement that it received 7,864 bids at the end of the March bidding, of which 3,985 were successful.

COE premiums for Cat A – cars up to 1,600cc – went up from $43,000 to $45,000.

The prices for Cat B – cars above 1,600cc – rose to $47,604 from $46,970 in the latest bidding.

For Cat E which is the open category that can be used for any vehicle, COE prices increased from $45,009 to $48,002.

Motorcycle premiums increased from $6,353 to $6,503.

COE prices for goods vehicles and buses also went up to $48, 890 from $45,001.