Cool initiative: Audi Occupational Health joins in the Tetris Challenge

Audi Occupational Health is celebrating its 100th anniversary in 2020. What started out small in 1920 has developed into a big success story: The first paramedic was hired a century ago in Neckarsulm to respond to emergencies and injuries suffered by his colleagues. Today, Audi Occupational Health applies sustainable and holistic practices to the subject of health: Well over one hundred health experts are responsible for acute emergency care and individual prevention, for ergonomic, safe and health-preserving design of workstations, and for the mental health of Audi employees.

More about the #TetrisChallenge

For some time now, people have been posting photos online with the hashtag #TetrisChallenge, showing an overhead view of fire department or police equipment, among other things. It all started with the police in the canton of Zurich. They published a picture on Instagram of an emptied-out police car, two officers and their equipment – from handcuffs and a warning triangle to a bulletproof vest. Underneath was the comment: “If you’ve always wondered what’s inside a traffic police patrol car – voilà.” Since then, thousands of photos showing the interiors of the vehicles used by police or fire departments, for example, have been posted online under the hashtag #TetrisChallenge.