“Dualissimo” award: top marks for Audi graduates in the dual course of study

Hannah Korte first came into contact with Audi through the “Research Camp” initiative. She completed an apprenticeship as a mechatronics technician with the automobile manufacturer and also gained a bachelor’s degree in mechatronics within the framework of the dual study program. In cooperation with the Technical University of Ingolstadt, the curriculum includes a wide-ranging knowledge of mechanics, electrical engineering and computer science. “In order to help shape tomorrow’s mobility, I wanted to acquire knowledge in as many technical subjects as possible,” says the prizewinner, “it was always important to me to be able to put theory into practice directly on the Audi models.” Hannah Korte is currently working on concepts for electric mobility at the premium brand and thus has direct insights into the technological transformation. She is now continuing her academic career with a master’s degree in automated driving and vehicle safety at the Technical University of Ingolstadt. This makes the young engineer a specialist in one of Audi’s most innovative fields of the future.

“We are very proud of Hannah Korte – engineers like her make their visions into Vorsprung with a lot of dedication,” says Miriam Haubner, head of the junior executive program at AUDI AG. In this context, the company’s program of dual education plays a major role, according to Haubner. Audi is thus providing targeted training for important future requirements and is retaining the young experts at the brand. Within three and a half years, the company prepares the dual students optimally for their future jobs with a combination of technical studies and practical experience. The academic modules take place at the Technical University of Ingolstadt, while Audi determines the practical phases individually in consultation with the dual students. In this way, the young experts can actively shape their career paths from the outset. There is also the option of gaining international experience.

“We aim to give the dual students as much insight as possible into the Audi Group,” adds Miriam Haubner, “which includes the transfer of knowledge from different areas of the company, as well as the exchange of ideas and opinions with our foreign operations and their cultures.”

Seven technical subjects are available for the dual bachelor’s degree programs, including electrical engineering and information technology, vehicle informatics and user experience design. Currently, 106 young talents are participating in Audi’s dual program and about 35 percent of them women. After graduation, Audi takes on the participants as permanent employees. And since 2017, the automobile manufacturer has additionally offered two dual master’s degree courses of up to 30 months, in cooperation with the Technical University of Ingolstadt and the Technical University of Munich.

Further details and information on the current schedules and application deadlines can be found at www.audi.com/en/career/pupils/dual-studies-bachelor.html, and www.audi.com/en/career/students/dual-studies-master.html

Images of the “Dualissimo” award ceremony will be available on Wednesday, July 24, 2019, at the Audi Media Center: www.audi-mediacenter.com