Eleven Audi R8 LMS in the 2019 24 Hours of Spa

The endurance race has traditionally been part of the European Blancpain GT calendar as well. In total, Audi – with Belgian Audi Club Team WRT, Attempto Racing, Saintéloc Racing and Phoenix Racing – is represented in twelve classifications for drivers and teams. The best spots occupied in the standings include Attempto Racing’s second place in the Blancpain GT Silver Cup Teams and Mattia Drudi’s third place in the Blancpain GT Silver Cup Drivers, plus the fourth positions held by Dries Vanthoor in the Blancpain GT Drivers class, by Saintéloc Racing in the Blancpain GT Pro Am Teams category, by Phoenix Racing in the Blancpain GT Series Endurance Cup Silver Teams and by Phoenix drivers Finlay Hutchison/Ivan Pareras/Kim-Luis Schramm in the corresponding drivers’ classifications. Saintéloc Racing and Phoenix Racing will each be on the grid at Spa with one privately fielded R8 LMS and privateer drivers. Belgian Audi Club Team WRT will be fielding two race cars with privateers and Attempto Racing is preparing two Audi R8 LMS as well, in which Audi Sport drivers Mattia Drudi and Kelvin van der Linde are going to share the cockpits with privateer drivers. 

The Audi R8 LMS racing under the Audi Sport R8 LMS Cup entry is special in that four particularly successful participants of the international one-make cup from last year won an entry in the 24 Hours of Spa. This cockpit will be shared by the Indonesian Andrew Haryanto, Jeffrey Lee from Chinese Taipei, the Australian Yasser Shahin and Sun Jingzu from Mainland China.

Up to six other race cars will complete Audi Sport customer racing’s presence at Spa. The FFSA GT4 France racing series will have its fourth championship weekend as part of the 24-hour race weekend. Up to four customer teams will be fielding the Audi R8 LMS GT4 there in two races. Saintéloc Racing is the title defender in the FFSA GT4 France and is currently leading the standings with last year’s title winners Gregory Guilvert/Fabien Michal.

The Audi Sport customer racing teams at Spa:

#1 Audi Sport Team WRT

Robin Frijns/Nico Müller/René Rast

#2 Audi Sport Team WRT

Alex Riberas/Frank Stippler/Dries Vanthoor

#5 Phoenix Racing

Finlay Hutchison/Ivan Pareras/Kim-Luis Schramm

#10 Belgian Audi Club Team WRT

Rik Breukers/Norman Nato/Charles Weerts

#17 Belgian Audi Club Team WRT

Shae Davies/Alex MacDowall/Paul Petit

#25 Audi Sport Team Saintéloc 

Christopher Haase/Frédéric Vervisch/Markus Winkelhock

#26 Saintéloc Racing

Michael Blanchemain/Simon Gachet/Steven Palette/Pierre Yves Paque

#55 Attempto Racing

Mattia Drudi/Pieter Schothorst/Steijn Schothorst

#66 Attempto Racing

Milan Dontje/Kelvin van der Linde/Clemens Schmid

#80 Audi Sport R8 LMS Cup

Andrew Haryanto/Jeffrey Lee/Yasser Shahin/Sun Jingzu

#129 Montaplast by Land-Motorsport

Ricardo Feller/Jamie Green/Christopher Mies

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