Johannes Roscheck is the new president of Audi do Brasil

“Audi continues to trust in the Brazilian market. With the lately announced Audi Q3 Flexfuel we offer a second local manufactured model that matches the Brazilian customers’ needs “, says the new Managing Director.

Industrial Engineer expert in engine and automobile production, Dr. Johannes Roscheck holds a degree in Industrial Engineering in Austria, and later achieved a PhD in Mechanical and Industrial Engineering. The new Managing Director has more than 20 years of experience in the automotive sector, with international practice in the areas of Finance and Production. Within Audi, he held several executive positions at Audi in Hungary, the United States, Germany and Brazil, having held other positions in the Volkswagen Group and consulting firms as well.

In his first position at Audi Brasil, Dr. Roscheck was responsible for the Controlling department of the Audi factory in Paraná in the 1990s. Later, he became responsible for the Company’s businesses in the country, especially for the local production of the brand’s vehicles.

After this experience in Brazil, he assumed the position of General Secretary of AUDI AG in 2002. In the United States, he worked as Project Leader and later became a Board Member and CFO of Audi in Hungary.