Quick charging in downtown Berlin: Latest Audi charging hub uses existing infrastructure

Audi is opening its third charging hub: Following on from the Nuremberg and Zurich locations, the brand with the four rings now turns to a local partner company in Berlin, using the existing power supply there. The neighboring Frischeparadies, with its attractive shopping market and gourmet bistro, is acting as a cooperation partner and providing its power connection for use by the hub. In the future, Frischeparadies and the Audi charging hub will get their power from a shared power line, on a needs- and load-oriented basis. Equipped with second-life batteries, the charging station will only charge the buffer batteries when Frischeparadies requires little power. The smart, dynamic load control system Audi has developed in-house thus ensures efficient use of the existing power infrastructure. In selecting the location, Audi relied on an in-house data analysis to determine on-site demand in advance.
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