Solar nanogrids with Audi e-tron battery modules: Audi Environmental Foundation and start-up Nunam enter into second project phase

Second life instead of premature recycling: German-Indian startup Nunam and its cofounder, Berlin-based Prodip Chatterjee along with his team have turned two Audi e-tron battery modules from test vehicles into a solar nanogrid. The newly developed energy storage system is currently being tested in daily use at a local energy service provider in India. The prototype currently allows roughly 50 shopkeepers and small businesses to continue working even after dark. The Audi Environmental Foundation is supporting the nonprofit start-up to advance research into the technical requirements for second-life power storage systems made of used batteries.
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The new Audi Q7 – The most versatile and luxurious 7-seater SUV

The new Audi Q7 - The most versatile and luxurious 7-seater SUV

The new Audi Q7 features a redesigned exterior as well as updated technologies and innovations inside. With convenient and functional features onboard, the 7-seater SUV allows the entire family to travel in comfort and ease.

Join hosts Raymond and Derryn as they take you through the key features of the new Audi Q7.

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Language for more diversity: Audi is addressing gender

To raise the profile of gender diversity, Audi is introducing gender-sensitive language from March, thereby also taking a stand for equality in communication. This reform is regulated by a corporate policy. Broadly, it states that all genders and gender identities are to be addressed as equals and with appreciation.
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“Youth Research”: entirely digital at Audi for the first time

When eager children and young people do hands-on research, innovative and creative solutions for tomorrow’s world are the result: under the motto “Lass Zukunft da” (“Leave Future There”), young researchers will meet on 3 and 4 March for the regional deciding round at Audi – this year, however, due to the corona pandemic, the meeting will be entirely digital. On the evening of 4 March a decision will be taken about which of the 66 young participants in “Jugend forscht” (“Youth Research”) and “Schüler experimentieren” (“Pupils Experiment”) carries off which prize. The assessments are made by a 30 strong jury from the fields of ergonomics, biology, chemistry, mathematics, information technology, physics, and technology. AUDI AG is hosting the contest for the 42nd time.
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