Audi receives anti-stigma prize for “Everyone has a psyche. Why not talk about it?”

“The campaign has brought a lot of change to Audi. Our colleagues now feel much freer to talk about their mental health and to seek out dialogue much earlier when they are not well,” said Ute Heinrich, project manager of “Everyone has a psyche. Why not talk about it?” The aim of the campaign was to further destigmatize mental illness – both within the company and in society as a whole. And the initiators of Audi Health Management have certainly achieved this goal. “Our entire project team is absolutely overwhelmed by the response and the program’s enormous popularity with Audi employees,” Heinrich said.

A multitude of activities

The occupational health management team from many different departments, the Audi BKK and the Audi Works Council launched the campaign last year on Mental Health Day (October 10). Through events, movie nights, discussion groups, information booths, podcasts, expert lectures, flyers and seminars on mindfulness, Audi employees have learned how to activate a positive mindset – for themselves and their fellow human beings. In addition to tools for self-care, participants also were given information about prevention and the many support options available. Since March, the programs have been presented in digital form only due to the coronavirus. The motto has meanwhile been modified at Audi – now it goes: “Everyone has a psyche! We are talking about it!”