Audi Virtual Training: New gamification learning concept in the digital car dealership

In the computer game the employee freely moves his avatar through the 3D world. In the virtual Audi terminal he encounters many different photorealistic figures. Whether in dialogue with customers, colleagues or their supervisor – the aim is to further improve his own communication while also daring to try out completely new paths. The employee can track the success or failure of each action immediately after completing it by using a barometer that reflects the mood of the customer. The employee collects points for a successful dialogue. Via a list of rankings participants compare their results with other colleagues Germany-wide.

In the virtual training, Audi emphasizes curiosity and individual responsibility of the employees in the car dealership. “Learning must be fun. Only under this condition the learned skills are remembered for a long time,” says Martin Sander, Vice President Sales Germany. In the game, employees choose the learning fields themselves and can test completely different versions of their answers. “Mistakes are explicitly desired here. That is how new strategies are developed and this makes the learning process come alive.” The brand with the Four Rings designed the virtual training in close cooperation with the dealers and included customer feedback. By this means, players learn in a realistic situation. The training is flexible and available at any time; participants can complete the course on a tablet, a PC or a smartphone.

Audi developed the training game with experts from the games industry. In 2017, Audi already brought the first four training modules to dealerships: “Customer Journey,” “Premium/Prestige,” “Service Experience” and “Customer Encounter in Sales and Service”. A training module on “Feedback Management” was recently added to the innovative learning concept. The company is continuously expanding the program and selectively combines it with classroom training for a modern “blended learning” approach.