Team Spirit campaign: Audi donates EUR 52,000 to support art and cultural associations

With its Team Spirit campaign, Audi has been putting the spotlight on the involvement of Audi employees on the occasion of international volunteer day (December 5) since 2018. The campaign took place at both sites, Ingolstadt and Neckarsulm, for the first time this year, and the awards ceremony was completely digital due to coronavirus restrictions. The plant managers for Ingolstadt and Neckarsulm, Achim Heinfling and Helmut Stettner, acted as mentors for the Team Spirit campaign.

Sabine Maassen, Member of the Board of Management for Human Resources and Organization of AUDI AG, says: “As a major employer, we practice social responsibility at our sites and support our employees with their involvement in volunteering. We consider this an expression of the values for which we stand as a company. By placing the focus of our Team Spirit campaign on ‘arts and culture’ this year, we are putting the spotlight on an area of public life that has been hit particularly hard by the coronavirus pandemic I am looking forward to seeing the projects that our donations will help to implement in the future.”

Peter Mosch, Chairman of the General Works Council of Audi: “The numerous applications this year show just how varied and diverse volunteering in the areas of in culture, tradition, and sports can be. I am impressed by how much passion Audi employees put into their clubs, associations, and initiatives during their free time. During the coronavirus pandemic, this work is especially deserving of our recognition, respect, and support. Many thanks to all who work for cohesion at Audi and in our society.”

Audi employees had until the beginning of October to submit a freely designed collage offering an insight into club life and activities to apply for “their” association. The donations committees at the company sites in Ingolstadt and Neckarsulm received 15 applications from

Ingolstadt and 9 from Neckarsulm which they reviewed and deemed worthy of a donation. All associations will receive a donation in the amount of EUR 2,000 each, and seven associations will receive an additional EUR 500 for submitting particularly creative applications. KreativTeam Mal-Labor e.V. from Aresing in the Neuburg-Schrobenhausen municipal district was selected for a special prize of EUR 500: The association enables disadvantaged children to take art classes free of charge. “Especially in this difficult situation, Audi is making an important contribution to establishing a cultural offering in our region,” says Audi employee Ralf Gürtner, who had applied for a donation for KreativTeam Mal-Labor e.V. Jennifer Ferreira Schmidt, First Chairwoman of Jugend-Sinfonieorchester Neckarsulm e.V. (Youth Symphonic Orchestra Neckarsulm), emphasizes: “We are looking ahead and already starting to make plans for new concerts in the coming year. The donation from Audi will help us to finance sheet music and instruments and to assist our members in cases of social hardship.”

As a good “corporate citizen,” AUDI AG is taking social responsibility at its production locations. For example, the automotive brand with the four rings supports regional social projects and non-profit organizations with donations or in the form of team campaigns as part of their “Audi Volunteers” initiative. The main focus in 2020 was on donations in connection with the continuing coronavirus pandemic. For example, around 300 Audi laptops were donated at the Ingolstadt and Neckarsulm sites to enable children from lower income families to take part in digital classes. The company is also investing EUR 50,000 to sponsor a study that analyzes the effects of the coronavirus pandemic on children and childcare facilities.

Recipients of donations in Ingolstadt:

  • Bahnhof lebt! e.V.
  • Faschingsgesellschaft Silbania Altmannstein e.V.
  • Hallertauer Volkstrachtenverein Siegenburg e.V.
  • Königlich privilegierte Feuerschützengesellschaft Kösching
  • KreativTeam Mal-Labor e.V.
  • Künstler an die Schulen e.V.
  • Kunst und Kultur Bastei e.V.
  • Kunstzentrum Besondere Menschen gUG
  • Rennertshofener Theaterfreunde e.V.
  • Sport-Club Irgertsheim e.V.
  • Stadtkapelle Eichstätt e.V.
  • Stadtkapelle Vohburg e.V.
  • Tango in Ingolstadt e.V.
  • TSV Unsernherrn e.V.
  • VIVA LA MUSICA Chor- und Orchestergemeinschaft Gaimersheim e. V.

Recipients of donations in Neckarsulm:

  • Harmonika-Club Neckarsulm e.V.
  • Jugend-Sinfonieorchester Neckarsulm e.V.
  • Kolping-Blasorchester Offenau
  • Kolpingsfamilie Neckarsulm e.V.
  • Kreatief – Kultur im Unterland e.V.
  • Kulturverein Kasinogesellschaft 1835-2.0 e.V.
  • Musikverein 1863 Limbach e.V.
  • Musikverein Oedheim e.V.
  • Scouts-Chor der kath. Kirche, St. Johannes