Audi extends involvement in the Bayreuth Festival with modern art film project

Appearing in the film, among others, are Icelandic actor Tómas Lemarquis, Jacques Palminger, a member of the Hamburg music trio “Studio-Braun,” and electroclash singer Peaches, as well as actor Volker Spengler, known from his Fassbinder films, and Sven Marquardt, a doorman at the Berghain techno club. The modern staging, with music based on Wagner’s leitmotifs as composed by Moritz von Oswald, translate the old “Parsifal” for today.

With its sponsorship of the Bayreuth Festival, Audi is fostering culture of the highest order, and with “Black Mountain,” is closing the gap between the “Wagner for Kids” project for young talent and grand opera. “We highly value the special commitment of our main sponsor Audi and hope they are successful in also appealing to the interests of a new target group for the works of Wagner by supporting this type of artistic innovation,” said Katharina Wagner, Artistic Director of the Bayreuth Festival.

“With ‘Black Mountain’ we have added a progressive element to our sponsorship of the Bayreuth Festival. We are giving creative artists freedom to completely reconstruct Richard Wagner’s Parsifal. The result is a high-caliber work of art that introduces various generations to Wagner’s work in a modern way,” said Wayne Griffiths, Head of Sales Germany at AUDI AG. “In addition, Audi will be appearing for three weeks in Berlin’s gallery scene with the supporting exhibition ‘Black Mountain X Fragments’.”