Audi connect now with Amazon Music and soccer World Cup ticker

Now stream your favorite music via Amazon Music in the car
Amazon Music is a streaming service offering up to 50 million songs, plus a variety of live broadcasts such as coverage of soccer games and other sports events. Audi has fully integrated the service into the car’s infotainment system for maximum user convenience. For example, drivers can – depending on the MMI system – use handwriting input to search for songs or artists and the hit list appears after just a few letters.

Amazon Music in the car requires that the latest version of the free myAudi app be installed on the user’s smartphone. The second condition is a SIM card with data volume in the car. This can be either the Audi connect SIM permanently installed in the car or the user’s own SIM card in the car. Online streaming uses wireless data packages, which customers can order for the Audi connect SIM. All they have to do is connect their smartphone to the infotainment system via
Wi-Fi. Thanks to the Wi-Fi connection, the streaming service delivers excellent sound quality.

The scope of service depends on the customer’s Amazon Music membership. Amazon Music can be integrated into all Audi models with an MIB 2 or MIB 2+ infotainment system. Audi currently offers the service in Germany, the USA, the UK, France, Spain and Italy. Additional information about the Audi connect SIM is available at

Special service for the soccer World Cup: 2018 World Cup Ticker
Independent of Amazon Music, Audi has a special offer for soccer fans: During the World Cup, which will take place in Russia in June and July, the brand is offering the “2018 World Cup Ticker” in Europe. This temporary information service, which Audi offered in a similar form during the 2016 European Championship, keeps customers informed about team news, the match schedule, current scores, results and the standings even while on the road. The 2018 World Cup Ticker is part of the connect portfolio in all Audi models equipped with an online-ready 3G+, MIB 1 or MIB 2 MMI infotainment system. It requires an active data connection.