“Diversity Day 2018” – diversity of the Four Rings

More than 60,000 people from approximately 100 countries work for AUDI AG and every one of them is unique. The automobile manufacturer aims for a culture that releases the potential of each individual and promotes diversity. “Characters with different ways of thinking and backgrounds enrich our working world at Audi,” says Denise Mathieu, Head of Diversity Management at AUDI AG. “This approach makes us more innovative, creative and agile.” In order to promote individuality in the company’s own interest, Audi created a department a year ago that brings together all activities relating to the subject of diversity. As a signatory to the “Diversity Charter,” the brand with the Four Rings has committed itself to focusing even more on the subject in its corporate culture. At first, participants from all departments discussed how diversity can succeed, in internal workshops, for example. Since then, diversity ambassadors from all levels of the hierarchy have been passing the message on to the workforce. “The foundations have been laid,” adds Denise Mathieu, “now we have to build on them.”

“Diversity Day 2018” on Tuesday June 5 is to be another milestone along this road. Approximately 1,000 activities are planned across Germany under the motto “Flying the flag.” With its multifaceted offering, Audi also wants to inspire as many employees as possible for tolerance and open cooperation. A dragon boat trip on the Danube with an international team will promote team spirit at the Ingolstadt location. As part of the “100% me.” campaign, photo booths will be available in the staff restaurants at both the plants in Germany. The snap shots of the employees are intended to demonstrate diversity, to raise awareness of similarities and to provoke reconsideration of unconscious prejudices. The Audi Art House Cinema in Ingolstadt is a partner for the company’s Women’s Network and will show the film “Marie Curie” as an example of visionary scientific minds. In addition, the “queer@audi.de” network for sexual orientation in Ingolstadt is inviting people to join in a dialog. An inclusion workshop will focus on sign language and communicating with people with impaired hearing. Audi has been active in this field for a long time. In 2016, the premium brand was awarded the German Industry Inclusion Prize for these activities. And the automobile manufacturer recently joined the Company Forum, an employers’ initiative for more inclusion. “Ensuring equal opportunities is the first step,” says Stephan Meier, Head of Human Resources International and Top Management at AUDI AG. “We want to shape a sustainable cultural change, thus creating the right conditions for a successful transformation at Audi. Only those companies that utilize the potential of changed life realities can continue to be successful,” continues Meier. Diversity is therefore firmly anchored in the corporate strategy of the Four Rings.

“We are a diverse team at Audi. That is why we in the Works Council are committed to ensuring that the company continues to strengthen this diversity, and promotes respect, appreciation and tolerance at Audi,” says Rita Beck, Deputy Chairwoman of the Works Council in Ingolstadt. Audi will continue to roll out its diversity campaign with the goal of living tolerance and permanently changing attitudes. New training courses and qualification formats, the expansion of employee networks and intensified cooperation and partnerships round off the activities.

Photos of Audi’s “Diversity Day 2018” can be downloaded on June 5 as of 4 p.m.at www.audi-mediacenter.de