Where Innovation happens: Experts discuss ideas for future mobility at the MQ! Innovation Summit in Beijing

“The future is being made in China, which is why we have brought the MQ! to Beijing,” says Gaby-Luise Wüst, President of Audi China“. Audi and China share the same spirit of curiosity. This passion for constant learning generates the energy that drives innovation and transformation.”

External keynote speakers gave significant impulses for an intense discussion related to different aspects of a sustainable society. Rethinking our relationship to mobility was at the forefront of everyone’s minds:

Dr. Kai-Fu Lee, Chairman & CEO of Sinovation Ventures, explored the different dimensions of artificial intelligence. Concerning the future of mobility, he stated: “The three big changes in the future for cars will be: ride sharing, electrical vehicles and autonomous driving. With autonomous driving we will save up to nine percent of total human time on earth.”

Peggy Liu, Founder and Chairperson of JUCCCE (Joint US-China Collaboration on Clean Energy), talked about sustainable mobility in Chinese cities. “Over 30 cities in China will be completely electrified in public transport by 2020.”

Caritta Seppä, COO and co-founder of Tespack, a startup that provides mobile energy solutions: “We are cooperating also with the Audi Environmental Foundation. Together we are bringing energy to remote regions and we are empowering rescue workers and people working in further regions in a more sustainable way.”

The material of all keynotes, panel discussions and workspaces is available at www.the-mobility-quotient.com and also on Facebook at “The Mobility Quotient.”

Audi established the MQ! Innovation Summit three years ago in order to discuss the mobility quotient (MQ) as a measure of the mobility of a person or organization with experts from the fields of business and science. #neverstopquestioning has been the guiding principle ever since the first MQ! Summit in 2017. This year, for the first time, MQ! was hold in China, at the Phoenix International Media Center in Beijing.