Audi e-tron Charging Service: New price model and more favorable conditions at IONITY

The e-tron Charging Service is part of a broad-based offering for charging from Audi and currently provides access to the public charging infrastructure in 24 European countries. Audi’s proprietary charging card brings together more than 135,000 charging points operated by more than 400 different international providers. Along the highway, Audi’s proprietary charging card allows e-tron customers to charge their cars at the High Power Charging terminals of the IONITY network at special rates with the transit rate. There, the customer will pay only for the amount of energy actually drawn in future. The price of 31 cents per kilowatt hour corresponds to the average cost level for a charging process at a private home. At the same time, the energy comes from renewable sources, which is a key component of sustainable and environmentally friendly mobility. Additional High Power Charging (HPC) points operated by other providers round off the e-tron Charging Service for long-distance journeys.

Freedom to choose: Two rates

To cover individual charging needs, the e-tron Charging Service offers two different rates. The city rate is aimed primarily at urban commuters and is available for a basic fee of €4.95 per month. For each charging process, customers then pay €7.95 for AC charging (up to 22 kW) and €9.95 for DC charging (up to 50 kW), regardless of the charging duration and how much energy is drawn. Due to a high number of existing charging terminals that do not yet enable consumption-based billing in compliance with calibration laws, this session price guarantees that customers can use a large number of charging points at transparent prices. 

For drivers who regularly travel long-distance, Audi recommends the transit rate. This costs €17.95 per month, although a one-year waiver of the basic fee is granted for owners of a new Audi e-tron**. With the transit rate at 31 cents per kWh, customers benefit not only from better access conditions with IONITY but above all from higher charging capacities and short charging durations. There, the Audi e-tron charges with an output of up to 150 kW and is therefore ready for the next leg of its long-distance trip in around half an hour.

City rate*

Transit rate*

Basic fee



AC charging (up to 22 kW)

€7.95/charging process

€7.95/charging process

DC charging (up to 150 kW)

€9.95/charging process

€9.95/charging process

IONITY HPC (up to 150 kW)

IONITY ad-hoc price per kWh

Special price:€0.31/kWh

*Prices valid for the German market; minimum term: 12 months.

Freedom to travel: Standardized prices abroad too

Standardized, country-specific prices mean that you can travel freely and easily without having to constantly compare prices. Customers can also charge their cars abroad in – to date – 24 European countries with a contract. Audi customers will always pay the standard price (based on charging speed) in whatever country they are in – and without any extra roaming costs. Thus, a customer traveling in a foreign country can charge their car at exactly the same price as a local user. 

myAudi app: Easy to use

The myAudi app or Audi navigation system can help you to locate the nearest charging station. In addition to planning your route and activating the charging points that it finds, the myAudi app can also tell you whether or not the charging terminal is currently available for use. You can start the charging process using your Audi charging card or the myAudi app. Identification and billing are performed automatically in the background. The app also displays the current charge status of your car.

Contract: Easy and transparent  

To use the e-tron Charging Service, customers need to register once on the myAudi portal and conclude an individual charging contract. If necessary, your local Audi partner can help you to activate your contract. All charging processes are automatically billed together at the end of the month. You can use the myAudi portal or myAudi app to view your charging history and bills as well as manage your contract arrangements. 

The network coverage of the e-tron Charging Service is constantly growing. For more information about the network and country-specific market prices, visit

Fuel consumption of the models listed
(Information on fuel/power consumption and CO2 emissions in ranges depending on the chosen equipment level of the car.)

Audi e-tron 
Combined electric power consumption in kWh/100 km (62.1 mi): 26.6 – 22.4 (WLTP); 24.3 – 21.0 (NEFZ); Combined CO2 emissions in g/km: 0