Audi Tradition shows legendary cars in Berlin

“AHEAD – Stories of Transformation” – this is the name of the current exhibition at Volkswagen Group’s representative office in Berlin. In it, the Group stages its transformation as a journey through the model history of its brands, spinning out the story to today, with the automotive industry undergoing its greatest transformation to date. Audi Tradition is chipping in three legendary cars, a cutaway model, and a wealth of information to the show, thus putting “Vorsprung durch Technik” on display in Germany’s capital – for example, the lightweight design of the Audi A2 or the engineering expertise that inspired the legendary Audi quattro; the rally version of the latter is also on display in Berlin. 120,000 visitors have already seen the exhibition at the Group’s representative office at Friedrichstrasse 84, Berlin. It is still open daily from 10 AM to 7 PM until the end of 2022; admission is free.
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