Audi well prepared for Nürburgring 24 Hours

Three teams had previously secured their grid positions in the second qualifying session. The Audi race experience is entering the race with both R8 LMS cars from rows 18 and 19. Christian Bollrath/Maximilian Hackländer/Ralf Oeverhaus/Micke Ohlsson (D/D/D/S) qualified for position 36 ahead of their teammates Franky Cheng/Marchy Lee/Shaun Thong/Alex Yoong (CN/HK/HK/MAL). Starting from position 46 will be Ronnie Saurenmann/Peter Schmidt/Andreas Ziegler (CH/D/D) in the Audi R8 LMS of Car Collection Motorsport.

The starting flag will fall on Saturday, May 28, at 15:30. RTL Nitro will broadcast the race for nearly 26 hours, starting at 15:00 (CEST). At, fans can even watch the race from four perspectives. In addition to the TV view, Audi is offering on-board footage of Audi Sport Team WRT (#1 Pierre Kaffer/Christopher Mies/Nico Müller/Laurens Vanthoor (D/D/CH/B), Audi Sport Team Phoenix (#6 Christopher Haase/René Rast/Frank Stippler/Markus Winkelhock (D/D/D/D) and montaplast by Land-Motorsport (#28 Marc Basseng/Connor De Phillippi/Mike Rockenfeller/Timo Scheider (D/USA/D/D).

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Qualifying results 

1 Maro Engel (Mercedes #9) 8m 14.515s

2 Augusto Farfus (BMW #18) 8m 16.146s

3 Maximilian Götz (Mercedes #88) 8m 18.380s

4 Uwe Alzen (Mercedes #8) 8m 18.530s

5 Frank Stippler (Audi #5) 8m 19.138s

6 Christian Krognes (BMW #999) 8m 19.390s

7 Nicki Catsburg (BMW #22) 8m 19.862s

8 Nicki Thiim (Aston Martin #7) 8m 20.332s

9 Christian Hohenadel (Mercedes #29) 8m 20.514s

10 Robin Frijns (Audi #2) 8m 20.662s