Dr. Nikolai Ardey – Biography

Dr. Nikolai Ardey was born in Berlin in September 1964. He studied mechanical engineering at the Technical University of Munich. In 1998, he received his PhD from the Institute of Thermodynamics with a dissertation on the subject of combustion and flame propagation.

That same year, he started his professional career at BMW AG in Munich. From 2001 onwards, Dr. Nikolai Ardey held various senior positions in the field of drivetrain technology. Most recently, he was responsible for the development of “Efficient Dynamics Total Vehicle BMW AG.” This included responsibility for performance/consumption/CO2, energy and weight management, as well as the wind tunnel and the Energy and Environmental Test Center.

Since January 1, 2017, Dr. Nikolai Ardey has been head of the “Powertrain Development” area at AUDI AG.

Dr. Nikolai Ardey is married and has one daughter.