“Electrifying” opportunities instead of charging boredom: New Audi charging hub in downtown Berlin

The brand with the four rings is opening a third Audi charging hub right in the center of Berlin. In the German capital, as in Nuremberg and Zurich, second-life batteries will act as buffer storage, and, like Zurich, the compact Audi charging hub with four quick-charging points will be used. At the site in Prenzlauer Berg, however, Audi is taking a different approach to the power hookup. This development is explained in this interview by Elias Hammer, who is the Audi Manager responsible for the rollout in Berlin and for the energy system integration for the Audi charging hub. Future users of the Audi charging hub in Berlin can look forward to an “electrifying wait” during charging instead of the usual boredom as the cooperation with Frischeparadies will mean the time can be put to good use. For Jörg Haucke, a Q4 e-tron customer living in Berlin, the Audi charging hub is the perfect solution for urban charging, with many large cities currently still lacking a quick-charging infrastructure.
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