“Nicht mehr laufen, Quickly kaufen”: the NSU Quickly

To many, it is a cult classic: the Quickly. This moped marked the Neckarsulm-based traditional brand NSU’s commitment to make mobility possible for everyone in the early days of Germany’s Miracle on the Rhine; starting in 1953, the company began to make the switch to motorized mobility tempting to people with advertising slogans such as “Nicht mehr laufen, Quickly kaufen” (English: Instead of walking, buy a Quickly). In the following years, many variants of the NSU Quickly were built, and the moped became hugely popular. In the 1980s, its popularity was rekindled thanks to the popular German television series “Irgendwie und Sowieso”: Actor Ottfried Fischer cut a fine figure on the moped as “Sir Quickly” in a white hat and trench coat, and the nostalgic series made the actor a household name in Germany. In this third episode on the history of NSU, Audi Tradition presents the moped.
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